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The paint is wonderful. Covers well and a little goes a long way. The service is also great. Very prompt. 🙂

Amazing service

I had my first experience with fusion paint and Alma guided me through colour choice and “how to” with each piece I had. I am half way through my projects and I could not be happier with the results.
The service was phenomenal and I will be back to explore more of their products.

Great service and greats products

Great service provided by Alma and her husband, they are very friendly and knowledgeable. They respond very prompt to your inquires and make helpful suggestions. All the products they sell are good quality products. I could buy these products from other places also, but I want to support their business and pay back for their kindness.

customer service

The online site was easy to use. Good selection of products. My only disappointment was the fulfilment. Even though I paid extra for express shipping, the order had to be fulfilled and then the express shipping was applied, so that was unfortunate because when I placed the order I thought I’d receive it quicker than I did. I’ll know for next time

Fabulous company

I have ordered twice now and each time my orders arrived within 2 days and I'm fully updated on their postage travel
Beautifully packaged, and arrive safe and sound
I love the layout of their website and the tutorials
Lovely to have such super service. Thank you gratefully restored

Colour Story Of The Month - January

Every month we will be sharing a color combination inspired by real life, to help you with your paint projects!

January features some of our most popular colors. Bayberry and Lichen - these two are on everyone's must have list. Raw Silk which is Fusion Mineral Paint's best selling white. And the lovely Sterling, a cool light grey that ties it all together!

Find these colours here.  Simply use the promo code "story" at time of checkout and a 10% discount will be automatically applied to any of these colours that are in your cart.


January’s Color Story from Fusion Mineral Paint

- written by Fusion Mineral Paint - 

We were looking for something fresh and simple, wanting to spread a theme of keeping our lives simpler. January is about refreshing after the busy holidays and often sets the tone for the rest of the year. This color story gives us the idea of a clear and collected head space and minimalism in our place of work so we can focus on what we need to focus on. We wanted a natural element to remind ourselves to stick with what we know best and what comes natural to us.

Many of the projects we see Bayberry and Lichen used on are very warm and cozy, which is great, but we wanted to show you something a little different! That is, how to pair them with cooler colors like Sterling. We often also see these greens and Raw Silk used in a vintage decor inspired settings but this shows you how they can be modern too!

Let’s dive into some of these gorgeous colors shall we?

Lichen: Drawn from nature this grey-green is soft, subtle and soothing. Fun fact – Lichen is the moss-like plant that grows on tree trunks and it gives a rustic, back-to-nature vibe.

Bayberry: A deep muted olive green, vintage in nature. Stunning on its own or accompanied. This is an impressive deep muted green that adds an edge of nature. This color seems to have been everybody’s favorite darker paint lately. From farmhouse decor to modern finishes, it has been everywhere!

Raw Silk: A warm old white with barely a hint of yellow and just a touch of grey. This perfect off-white adds a sense of simplicity in every element. This color is Jennylyn’s favorite even before it was a Fusion color. It was originally part of Homestead House’s Craftsman Collection, which was inspired by the textures and tones of classic construction and design elements. It is the most neutral off-white you could ever find, matches just about everything and fits into any design aesthetic.

Sterling: Everyone’s favorite cool, neutral grey that is aesthetically calming – it can also be used as a base coat when transitioning from darker to light colors. We find Sterling gives a refreshing touch to this palette as it ties the colors together, due to its contrasting coolness. At the same time, the other colors also work to warm it up and give Sterling a new take on life. For those who lean towards the warm off whites and are looking to add something new, maybe Sterling is what you’re looking for.

Why did we decide to do the color stories? We get asked how to put together a color palette all the time, as well as how to incorporate a Fusion painted piece into a room. Sometimes it’s a simple as “What color should I use?!” because our customers are not sure of which direction to go in for a given piece.

We decided to take professionally curated images and show you how to pick a Fusion palette out of that beautiful image, encouraging a higher level of design inspiration for our Fusion community – who are ready to dive further into the Fusion world. We also want to encourage experimentation with different color pairings, different design aesthetics and how you can then incorporate them into your interior design and everyday life.

Every month we will be featuring a new beautiful image matched up with a palette of Fusion colors, all to inspire you to Paint it Beautiful! We hope you love it as much as we do.