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Gratefully Restored

Love shopping here, everything is packed very well for shipment and received in a very reasonable timeline. I will continue to shop here and look forward to my next shipment. Thank you, awesome service!!

Super easy to order.
Fast delivery
And available in Canada

Excellent service

Site is easy to navigate and ordering is a breeze. Shipping is super quick!!

Selection & Speed

I only wish you were close by so I could visit your store in person. Amazing selection of fusion products. My last order, I received in max 2 days. Very satisfied.

Floral Collection

This little vanity is painted in Raw Silk with driftwood SFO applied on the top. The drawers are painted Lily Pond inside. The Floral Collection transfer is so versatile, it makes the piece totally custom, with lots of flowers left over for another project!!

Colour Story Of The Month - June

Every month we will be sharing a color combination inspired by real life, to help you with your paint projects!

Find these colours here.  Simply use the promo code "story" at time of checkout and a 10% discount will be automatically applied to any of these colours that are in your cart.




June’s Color Story from Fusion Mineral Paint

- written by Fusion Mineral Paint - 

June’s Color Story from Fusion Mineral Paint is all about wanting to hit that alarm clock one more time and revel in the coziness of one’s bedroom. This time of year is a time where we enter a different phase of our lives – summer! And summer means lazy days, an emphasis on relaxing and with that in a peculiar yet serendipitous way, comes a whole new kind of energy. A chill one. From welcoming the end of the school year to having our windows open all the time and letting in that warm breeze we have so missed, the laid back vibe is a welcome change that we do not take for granted. Savor every moment of this season as it is far too short where we are.

We start off June’s Color Story palette in a room that has a modern flare with an an eye catching blue that lends itself to Mid Century Modern decor, but can also be seen in at a seaside beach cottage. The punch of Coal Black throughout the space is just the right amount of dark for that subtle accent color. Casement is seen on the pillows and decor pieces on the tables. Limestone, a color that that lends itself as the perfect companion colors the blue bedding and can be seen on the rug and pillows. 



Brook make its appearance in a subtle way as it tends to change color with the lighting. Sometimes it appears more green like the vase on the table and or perhaps a custom color mix with Limestone and a touch of Brook for the dresser. Or perhaps that is a combination Brook and Champness in the bedding. Texture in this room is everything. June’s color palette may seem quite sharp and crisp when it stands alone, yet this room is anything but rigid. We wanted to show how you can take colors that feel bold and masculine when put together on paper, but when used in a space can actually have a softer edge to them.


Let’s explore our June Color Story Colors!

COAL BLACK – everyone’s favorite, a true jet black that we see used on projects, time and time again. Whether it’s a picture frame, a door handle or a table, Coal Black is timeless and pretty much elevates any piece it’s used on. One of our best selling paint colors.

CASEMENT – We know white paint colors can be tricky but rest assured if you want a perfect neutral white, you’ll want Casement. A little less bright than our Picket Fence, it is definitely more on the cooler side of white paint colors. Which is why it pairs so well with crisp greens and blues.

LIMESTONE – named after the natural rock itself, it personifies that color that only Mother Nature could create with such beauty. When you see it on a dresser or a cabinet you realize it’s a very subtle, almost buttercream but without too much yellow. It helps blues in your room become the center of attention.

BROOK – A staple from our Penney & Co. collection, this watery blue green is a huge customer favorite! Whether it’s on a small craft with an antique vibe or a huge planter, this is that color that everyone asks “What’s it called?” We have yet to see a project that is not loved by all when finished in Brook.

CHAMPNESS – This is the adult equivalent of a baby blue. It’s much more sophisticated than its counterpart and adds a touch of elegance to any project. It’s something we could easily see on a kitchen cupboards in both a farmhouse with antique glaze and a modern kitchen. Mix it with Limestone for a warmer blue! Fun fact: Champness was named for Jennylyn’s grandmother (it’s Grandma’s maiden name!)



When you try out June’s Color Story, whether it’s two colors or all of them, we would love to see your project! Don’t be shy and tag us in your work on social media using:



…and in our Facebook group Paint it Beautiful!


Why did we decide to do the color stories?

We get asked how to put together a color palette all the time, as well as how to incorporate a Fusion painted piece into a room. Sometimes it’s a simple as “What color should I use?!” because our customers are not sure of which direction to go in for a given piece.

We decided to take professionally curated images and show you how to pick a Fusion palette out of that beautiful image, encouraging a higher level of design inspiration for our Fusion community – who are ready to dive further into the Fusion world. We also want to encourage experimentation with different color pairings, different design aesthetics and how you can then incorporate them into your interior design and everyday life.

Every month we will be featuring a new beautiful image matched up with a palette of Fusion colors, all to inspire you to Paint it Beautiful! We hope you love it as much as we do.