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Gratefully Restored
Pat Poirier
Furniture Painting Supplies

I’m using Fusion Mineral Paint in Victorian Lace on my bedroom furniture. Great product and can’t wait to finish. I also purchased Chocolate Brown Fusion Paint and painted the legs of my coffee table in brown, with three coats of Stain and Finishing Oil in Ebony … turned out amazing … Thank you James for all of your excellent advice and helping me with making the right choices for my projects.

Pat Poirier

Gratefully Restored
Patti Brimner
Beautiful Transfers

I love this product because of the quality and of course the look. I am going for the romantic French look (have been to France twice and was in "aw" each time) so I want to incorporate that theme into my design......These transfers are so perfect for that. Also, I had a great experience dealing with the store as well. Prepared and shipped lightning fast (which is hard to find these days) so A+++ to the Seller/Store. I will definitely look again at this store for other stunning products.

Gratefully Restored
Shannen Leigh
Fabulous Source for Fabulous Products!

Purchasing from Gratefully Restored, no matter where you live, is a great choice. Not only do they carry some of the finest DIY products available on the market, (many that are not easy to come by here in Canada), but their packing and shipping practices are superb. I appreciate everything about this company.
I’m looking forward to acquiring more products from their great choices, once I’ve finished the two projects I’m working on (it will be nice to post photos of them here when they’re finally done).

Gratefully Restored
sandra chiasson
Best paint I ever used

My kitchen cabinets came out great! I highly recommend using fusion paint for your table and chairs as well.

Gratefully Restored
Laurel Hamm
best. canadian. company. ever.

after my first order, i was hooked! i found Gratefully Restored through an instagram influencer and i am so glad i did. as a queen of DIY and woodworking i was looking to get into painting furniture and found everything i needed here! fast shipping, lots of selection, and fair prices! shop here TODAY!

Dixie Belle Paint - Fusion Mineral Paint - Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint - ReDesign with Prima - Mango Paint - milk paint by Fusion - Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint - Buy Now Online or In-Store
Includes: Fushion Brushes, Microfiber Rollers & Paint Trays, Brush Cleaner, Applicator Pads, Faux Wood Graining Tool, & More

Fusion Mineral Paint - Brushes & Rollers - Fusion

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Flat Brush - Synthetic - Fusion Mineral Paint

Synthetic bristle brushes are great for a smooth finish virtually free of any brush strokes.  This is a solid line of economy brushes. Looking after your brushes is super easy...

From $3.99
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Brush Cleaner (Brush Soap) - Fusion Mineral Paint

This beautiful Brush Cleaner (Brush Soap) is your #1 friend and is a must-have product for anyone who loves to paint.Made from naturally refined linseed oil, a derivative of flax...

From $9.99
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Angled Brush - Synthetic - Fusion Mineral Paint

Synthetic bristle brushes are great for a smooth finish virtually free of any brush strokes.  This is a solid and very versatile brush.  A favourite of many of our clients....

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Paint Kit - Fusion Mineral Paint

This Kit Contains:1 x 180 grit Reusable Sanding Pad1 x 220 grit Reusable Sanding Pad1 x Roller with frame with Velour Roller (note: picture shows microfibre roller)1 x Velour Roller...

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Applicator Pad (2-Pack) - Fusion Mineral Paint

Large 4" x 6" applicator pad (2-pack). Made of sponge foam covered with cotton.  They can be used to apply all sorts of liquid stains, oils, and even waxes.  The...

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Microfiber Roller Refill - Fusion Mineral Paint

4" microfiber roller refill (frame not included).  Available as a single or 10-pack. Why Fusion Mineral Paint?  Please see details below.

From $3.99
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Microfiber Roller & Frame - Fusion Mineral Paint

Lint-free 4" microfiber roller and frame. Sold with only one microfiber roller (not two as shown in the photo). Why Fusion Mineral Paint?  Please see details below.

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