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{"id":1420411404358,"title":"Liberty Blue - Fusion Mineral Paint","handle":"liberty-blue-fusion-mineral-paint","description":"This highly saturated, intense royal blue has been one of the original blues for over 20 years. It definitely packs a punch and stands out. Use with caution!!\u003c!-- split --\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eWhy Fusion Mineral Paint?  Please see details below.\u003c\/p\u003e","published_at":"2018-08-14T22:09:30-04:00","created_at":"2018-08-18T00:09:21-04:00","vendor":"Fusion Mineral Paint","type":"Paint","tags":["paint - classic"],"price":499,"price_min":499,"price_max":2399,"available":true,"price_varies":true,"compare_at_price":0,"compare_at_price_min":0,"compare_at_price_max":0,"compare_at_price_varies":false,"variants":[{"id":12626222252102,"title":"37ml","option1":"37ml","option2":null,"option3":null,"sku":"FMP-105286","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":{"id":3896126668870,"product_id":1420411404358,"position":3,"created_at":"2018-08-18T00:10:04-04:00","updated_at":"2020-06-09T09:20:37-04:00","alt":null,"width":2048,"height":3069,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/Fusion_Mineral_Paint_Liberty_Blue_tester.jpg?v=1591708837","variant_ids":[12626222252102]},"available":true,"name":"Liberty Blue - Fusion Mineral Paint - 37ml","public_title":"37ml","options":["37ml"],"price":499,"weight":60,"compare_at_price":0,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":"626309105286","featured_media":{"alt":null,"id":718378729542,"position":3,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.667,"height":3069,"width":2048,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/Fusion_Mineral_Paint_Liberty_Blue_tester.jpg?v=1569082313"}}},{"id":12626222284870,"title":"500ml","option1":"500ml","option2":null,"option3":null,"sku":"FMP-105064","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":{"id":3896126308422,"product_id":1420411404358,"position":2,"created_at":"2018-08-18T00:10:01-04:00","updated_at":"2020-06-09T09:20:37-04:00","alt":null,"width":2048,"height":3069,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/Fusion_Mineral_Paint_Liberty_Blue_pint.jpg?v=1591708837","variant_ids":[12626222284870]},"available":true,"name":"Liberty Blue - Fusion Mineral Paint - 500ml","public_title":"500ml","options":["500ml"],"price":2399,"weight":600,"compare_at_price":0,"inventory_management":"shopify","barcode":"626309105064","featured_media":{"alt":null,"id":718378467398,"position":2,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.667,"height":3069,"width":2048,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/Fusion_Mineral_Paint_Liberty_Blue_pint.jpg?v=1569082313"}}}],"images":["\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/fusion-liberty-blue-collage-for-web.jpg?v=1591708837","\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/Fusion_Mineral_Paint_Liberty_Blue_pint.jpg?v=1591708837","\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/Fusion_Mineral_Paint_Liberty_Blue_tester.jpg?v=1591708837","\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/LIBERTY-BLUE-LEFT.jpg?v=1591708837","\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/LIBERTY-BLUE-MIDDLE.jpg?v=1591708837","\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/LIBERTY-BLUE-RIGHT.jpg?v=1591708837"],"featured_image":"\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/fusion-liberty-blue-collage-for-web.jpg?v=1591708837","options":["Size"],"media":[{"alt":null,"id":718376730694,"position":1,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":1.0,"height":2048,"width":2048,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/fusion-liberty-blue-collage-for-web.jpg?v=1569082313"},"aspect_ratio":1.0,"height":2048,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/fusion-liberty-blue-collage-for-web.jpg?v=1569082313","width":2048},{"alt":null,"id":718378467398,"position":2,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.667,"height":3069,"width":2048,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/Fusion_Mineral_Paint_Liberty_Blue_pint.jpg?v=1569082313"},"aspect_ratio":0.667,"height":3069,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/Fusion_Mineral_Paint_Liberty_Blue_pint.jpg?v=1569082313","width":2048},{"alt":null,"id":718378729542,"position":3,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.667,"height":3069,"width":2048,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/Fusion_Mineral_Paint_Liberty_Blue_tester.jpg?v=1569082313"},"aspect_ratio":0.667,"height":3069,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/Fusion_Mineral_Paint_Liberty_Blue_tester.jpg?v=1569082313","width":2048},{"alt":null,"id":749077266502,"position":4,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.664,"height":3084,"width":2048,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/LIBERTY-BLUE-LEFT.jpg?v=1569088070"},"aspect_ratio":0.664,"height":3084,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/LIBERTY-BLUE-LEFT.jpg?v=1569088070","width":2048},{"alt":null,"id":749078544454,"position":5,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.664,"height":3084,"width":2048,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/LIBERTY-BLUE-MIDDLE.jpg?v=1569088071"},"aspect_ratio":0.664,"height":3084,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/LIBERTY-BLUE-MIDDLE.jpg?v=1569088071","width":2048},{"alt":null,"id":749079396422,"position":6,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.664,"height":3085,"width":2048,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/LIBERTY-BLUE-RIGHT.jpg?v=1569088071"},"aspect_ratio":0.664,"height":3085,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/0025\/4119\/1238\/products\/LIBERTY-BLUE-RIGHT.jpg?v=1569088071","width":2048}],"content":"This highly saturated, intense royal blue has been one of the original blues for over 20 years. It definitely packs a punch and stands out. Use with caution!!\u003c!-- split --\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eWhy Fusion Mineral Paint?  Please see details below.\u003c\/p\u003e"}

Liberty Blue - Fusion Mineral Paint

Product Description
This highly saturated, intense royal blue has been one of the original blues for over 20 years. It definitely packs a punch and stands out. Use with caution!!
Maximum quantity available reached.

Why Fusion Mineral Paint?  Please see details below.

Sku: FMP-105286

Dixie Belle Paint

A high quality mineral chalk paint that is perfect for painting furniture and can be used on wood, metal, glass, ceramic, fabric and more.

For additional information and tips, please contact us or visit Dixie Belle Paint Company.

Fusion Mineral Paint 

You may already be aware of Fusion Mineral Paint's ease of application, smooth matte finish, minimal prep requirements, and built-in top coat, but there's so much more.

Not all paints are created equal, nor or are they formulated the same; Fusion Mineral Paint is specifically formulated with industrial grade acrylic resin and real natural mineral pigments, which result in a better depth of colour, long term durability, and UV permanence.

Fusion Mineral Paint is stringently tested and quality controlled, making it a best-in-class paint that is also lead free, phlalate free, formaldehyde free, and ammonia free.  It is virtually odourless and is ZERO VOC.

The Tones for Tots collection complies with both the lead and phlalate restrictions of the Toy Safety Standards of North America and Europe, as well as the ASTM D4236 LHAMA safety labelling requirements.

1. CPSIA Act of 2008- Section 108 – Pthalates
2. ASTM D-4236 -Confirming that the products have been properly labeled, and there is no chronic health hazard, in accordance with the federal Labeling Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA)
3. CPSIA Section 101 – Total Lead In Paints & Surface Coating

Fusion Mineral Paint offers the excellent coverage of approximately 75 sq ft per pint (500ml/8oz).

For additional information and tips, please contact us or visit Fusion Mineral Paint.

Mango Paint

Mango Paint is a Canadian made, water based paint that is specifically designed to reclaim furniture. This paint imparts a beautiful soft matte finish that is incredibly smooth to the touch. With minimal prep work required, you can breeze right through to the fun part!

Mango Paint is eco-friendly which means you can go ahead and paint your dining room furniture right in the dining room! Dreaming of a distressed look? This is where the Mango Paint collection really shines! After painting your piece – a light sand overall will give you an incredibly soft, velvety smooth feel – sand a little more on your edges and details to see how beautifully this paint distresses!

Apply Mango Paint's ‘Beeswax Furniture Finish’ or super durable ‘Table Top Finish’ to seal your masterpiece and stand back to admire your work!

One quart of Mango Paint covers approximately 150sqft.

For additional information and tips, please contact us or visit Mango Paint.

milk paint by Fusion

milk paint by Fusion is unlike any other paint on the market, from its application, to its unique finished result.  This formula uses a finer grind of pigments and the ingredients allow for a quick dissolving product, which is why it’s so easy to mix and apply!

The milk paint by Fusion finish is incredibly unique and versatile - no need to worry about primers as it can be used on any porous surface, binding directly to ensure no chipping or peeling in the future.  Use the Bonding Agent when applying to previously painted surfaces to ensure the paint holds. 

Apply a top coat to seal your milk paint and bring out the true depth of colour.  This will also protect your paint for a finish that lasts.  Hemp oil and furniture wax are also great and easy to use options.

One 50g bag of milk paint by Fusion makes approximately 80mL of paint, which can cover about 15sqft.  One 300g bag of milk paint by Fusion makes approximately 946mL of paint, which can cover about 100sqft.

For additional information and tips, please contact us or visit milk paint by Fusion.

Porch Pick-Up

For your convenience, we offer the option for you to place your order online and pick-up your order from our Boutique's front porch.  Simply place your order online and select the "Porch Pick-Up at our Boutique in Baden, ON" (free) shipping option at time of checkout.  We'll prepare your items and notify you when they are ready for pick-up.  Then simply stop by the Boutique and pick-up your order.  There is no additional charge for this service.

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Designed for the professional flipper, high-volume client, or manufacturer; this account will reward you (with a discount at time of purchase) for your continued loyalty and patronage.  Dixie Belle Paint products are NOT included in this program.

The following is a list of requirements to be eligible for this type of account:

1. Proof of ongoing business operations - such as: a website, a Facebook page, a registered business number, or articles of incorporation.

2. Minimum of $500 (before tax and shipping) of volume per year in order to maintain your "trade" status.

If the above criteria are true of your situation, please contact us for further details and how to become part of this exciting program.

We reserve the right to end or change this program at anytime. If we do, we will try and provide you with ample notice of such changes.


Wholesale Account for Dixie Belle Paint or ReDesign with Prima - Become an Approved Retailer in Canada.

In order to qualify to become an Approved Retailer and purchase Dixie Belle Paint or ReDesign with Prima products at wholesale prices; in addition to the minimum "trade account" requirements above, you must also provide proof of a physical "bricks and mortar" location (retail boutique, studio, workshop, etc).  Some other conditions also apply and will be detailed as you get further along in the application process.

You may fill out the preliminary application form - click here.  After completing the form, it will be submitted for us to review.  We will then contact you with the next steps.  We thank you for taking the time to complete it and we look forward to welcoming you to the family.

Questions or comments, please contact us.




Please note that colours may not be exactly as shown.  Lighting, how the paint / product is applied to your piece, and the type and colour of materials that you are painting over, will all affect the way a colour appears on your project.  Preparation is key for best results.

We encourage you to order a tester / sample size product to help you determine the best colour for your creation.  Opened product cannot be returned.

We reserve the right to substitute product for equal or better product than the item shown.

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